Looking up to the MALVERN Hills - Late Snow 31/03/2013

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MID-CABLE LIFT CHAMONIX 2016 GLACIER LOOKING WESTWARD FROM MOUNT BLONC - FRENCH ALPS 2016 BANK OF ENGLAND - OCT 2014 - PROPHETIC ASSIGNMENT COMPLETED LONDON - FREEMASONRY HALL - HORNS BLOWN FROM THE NATIONS !!! AMAZING THEN SCHOOL CHILDREN SANG!!! BLACK DOOR - BANK OF ENGLAND - ICONS & SYMBOLS? BARRY SMITH EXPLAINS - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSi__wuFDTw QUEEN VICTORIA STATUE - GUESS WHERE? MEMORIES! AND THE QUEEN WAS AT HOME OCT2014 ARGHHH - I'M SLIMMING... THE SMELL WAS DIVINE GUYS!!! LOOK CAREFULLY - CAN YOU MAKE OUT THE AMAZING WEATHERING LANDMARK SIGNS - ON THE STONE BUILDINGS - MIDLAND BANK - OCT 2014 JERUSALEM? TOP LEFT - PROPHETIC IMAGES OF CITIES AROUND THE WORLD - MAYBE? NEW YORK & LONDON??? LOOK CAREFULLY - CAN YOU MAKE OUT THE AMAZING WEATHERING LANDMARK SIGNS - ON THE STONE BUILDINGS - MIDLAND BANK - OCT 2014 *LANCE LAMBERT - GAVE THIS WORD OF PROPHECY IN 1986 - ARE WE IN THAT TIME! FOTO REPORTED TO BE TAKEN OVER GAZA - JULY 2014 CD-SET- CD-SET- Google: JOSEPH OF ARIMATHEA FILM - REV. PETER SCOTHERN READING TESTIMONY THE BOY JESUS - WITH HIS UNCLE - PRIDDY CHURCH PRIDDY - ST LAWRENCE CHURCH ST.JOHN THE BAPTIST CHURCH PILTON FEB 2014 GLASTONBURY TOR FEB 2014 TRADITIONAL HISTORY OF PILTON/CHURCH FEB 2014 PRIDDY HARBOUR Looking North - from the Malvern Hills It's Cold up here! Prime Beef - not sure what kind of bull ? Looking across to the Welsh borderlands Snowman getting a little warm in the cool afternoon sunshine - 31/03/2013 Very muddy underfoot - but not far to go! Icy bend - north facing - feels like being in the Alps! Another walk - for another day! Looking across to the Welsh hills 30miles away to the west! Around the bend... then we see this view - the Malverns at their snowy best! 31/03/2013 Spring is in the air... Looking westward...across Herefordshire! The last snowman - faces the afternoon sunshine! Looking back to Malvern Hills... AD37 Exhibition - Gloucester - 3000 yrs of BRITAINS Hebraic - Celtic - Christian Heritage of HIS- STORY - March 2013 Map shows - The Lineage - Royal House of Britain - links back to ISRAEL Watch the THE SAINTS WAY - Bodmin Cornwall - March 2013 MONARCHY TODAY ESSEX IN SUMMER 2012 ALL ABOARD THE JOSEPH OF ARIMATHEA - EXPO GLOSTER CATHEDRAL-JOSEPH OF ARIMATHEA EXPO GLOSTER CATHEDRAL-JOSEPH OF ARIMATHEA EXPO DOORS OPEN... COLD AGAIN 2011 ALMOST THERE... Getting ready... before the JERUSALEM COVENANT 2011 The Big man at the Cross KINGDOM EXPRESS - DAVID SILVER - On top of a Beech wood ? Fish then the Chips! Not a Alien in sight? Chuck Missler & Sid Roth - discuss the Biblical subject of Aliens & UFO's..... and they're real? Could they be DEMONS.... Are UFO's Real - Chuck Missler says yes! Watch this clip > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLeBNiabHNk The Winter has been long and cold - but there was no noise when I took this shot near TETBURY - 2011 Absolutely Freezing as more snow starts falling... 2011 Winter 2011 and it snow's ere! No Ordinary Bull in a China Shop.... On a cold spring day 2011 - filmed up north - Past British Kingdoms....3000yrs ago! Peter shares some fascinating history of Ancient Times & almost lost Kingdoms.... Lady's Well... worth Googling 3000 baptisms by Paulius... Where Lady's Well - Northumberland - and then we filmed an amazing 50minutes... Flags provide reference to the Lost Tribes of Israel.... The Start of the Q & A morning session Google Google: Gloucester Cathedral Sept 2009...Almost a 1000 attended Google - David Silver - ...Just a few of the many DVD's recorded since 2008... View recent list dvd - www.kctvmedia.com Peter takes 5 minutes out...before service.... many local folk come and receive Christ Jesus & our healed... The fish are rising & splashing close to the bank.... Foto taken a few miles where the tsunami hit Boxing day 2004.... Meeting with Christian MP - Peter share's prophetic word concerning Earthquake about to hit Northen Region...4 days later... THE RE-FORMATION OF ISRAEL (IN THE WEST) - WATCH AD:37 EXHIBITION Painswick Hill - Gloucestershire - Man makes a mark on the land below! Sun setting... getting cold. Chem trails - probably not this time! Snow falls the next day! (4-5inches) My hands are freezing up! A high place... and its very - very cold! Oyah Oyah... it's a long day for our Town Cryer friend... from these parts!!! 24/02/2013 Welcome to London - Brenda Taylor's Emanuel Conference - Westminster 22/23/Feb/2013 / View Video Clips New Build - Victoria 2013 A cold day across London Bridge! 24/02/2013 Very cold - London Eye stops for a rest! - 24/02/2013 Churchill and friends... More FREEMASONRY? ... and TONY BLAIR gets a mention here!!! BOADICA - She fought a good fight... Worth Googling how she died? Israeli Ambassador London - enjoys the gathering at Brenda Taylors Conference 2012 Our Queen Elizabeth - should take notice - me thinks? Watery eyes of GOD... The days get longer... the harvest is due - the harvest is NOW! One Tower in decay & RUIN! - EU POLITICKING BEWARE! Bishop HOOPER - gave up his life at the stake for HIS Love for the LORD! Brean Beech - walkies! Beatrix Potter the original shop - Gloucester Robert Railkes - Gloucester - Gloucester Cathedral - Prayer Walkers Go Walk About - 6-15am Where's the sea gone... ? Severn Bore! An astonishing book claims that a decade before he was crucified Jesus sailed here .... Storm Coming! then the sun comes out! Fluaventura 2012 Fluaventura - Spain Sun tan... More chilling then - hot hot Spray cans at the ready ! Street art worth something! Grumpy old man - on holiday! Yes - it was worth waiting for... then I started my diet? Memories of long sunny days & a fishing rod! Salisbury my home town... The scene where many a artist has painted this view... including me! Israel - Meddigo - the battle starts here! Are you going? Feast of Tabernacles 2013 The view from Andy's boat! Somewhere due south near? Our guide sharing a few more stories of long ago! A room with a view - across the Sea of Galilee - Jesus walked across the water here.... Jerusalem Oct2012  - Rev. Peter Scothern taking 5 minutes to explain more revelations concerning these times ! View across the Sea of Galilee.. Oct 2012 Jerusalem gathering of the NATIONS!!! - Feast of Tabernacles / Sept:Oct 2012 Jan Willem van der Hoeven - Hebron - Many Smiling faces - Amazing gathering - Feast of Tabernacles 2012 Walking together thru Jerusalem - Feast of Tabernacles - 2012 Bethlehem - David Pawson delivering a Powerful message in the heat of the mid-day sun 35C / Watch the clip!
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